Diversity is good for a stock portfolio, and so it is with my adaptability in business and projects. Support, research and/or dialog available here.

|| Technology, Mobile Support and Digital Signage ||
As fast as technology changes, its hard for some to keep up. Many friends have asked for help in this arena and this section will help provide access resource material for general tasks. If you need further help, consider

As the handheld device rapidly becomes a mobile computer, similar concepts as learned in using computers is often times required in order to navigate and maximize the use of these devices. At this time, if you have questions about your mobile or tablet, consider a class on how to use it. Many devices already include a Get Started ‘app’ or booklet (check your app drawer). Also, your provider will often have help manuals online.

|| Web Development ||
An increasingly mobile world requires a solid understanding of the tools behind this world of efficiency. The growth of the Web Dev group will reinforce support in all future digital endeavors. The future of education is changing and access to high quality training without the high price tag is available online, which is my classroom.

|| The Water Store ||
Everyone needs it. Many parts of the world can’t get it cleanly. The Water Store is part philanthropic for many of us while at the same time offering practical solutions. Taking a traditional water store and opening the doors of support to those less fortunate both locally and around the world.

|| Glamor Gal LV ||
A true beauty salon based in Vegas offering the best services catering to the 36 million travelers to Vegas while at the same time, retaining the small town vibe to our 2 million locals. A group of stylist who have learned the hard lessons in the big leagues, these girls don’t mess around when it comes to building a business from the ground up.

|| Video & Voice Acting ||
Radio was my first career and passion. The art of articulation and tonality were shaped early on in my life as a saxophone player in school band all the way through high school. Those same exercises of expressions carried over with me when I am behind the microphone. While developing 8 unique & distinct character voices, I also enjoy simply reading the news or various articles in English (UK), English (AUS), English (NZL), English (US) or English (experiments). Different dialects in Spanish and French can also be read.