J & Effiel.

J & Effiel.

This is my digital home.

Hi, I’m Jared Uraine. I sell real estate in Las Vegas, consult on process efficiencies and travel the world. I also contribute to the growth of local small business by helping them identify strategic planning, growth and web presence for their services. I help others adopt new lifestyles through support, education and services in technology and business. Sometimes in both fields at the same time. Helping others is what I do and that includes mentoring young adults to develop a good foundation of business chops. I host a weekly podcast and am in the middle of writing my first book.

My wife and I love to explore this wonderful world and are always looking for an experience that helps us grow ourselves and expand our network of friends. Share your experiences with me or simply follow the trails. You are welcome to connect through any of the blogs posted here or connect through one of the social plugs to keep in touch.

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